Potato Chips

Chronicling my (now global) obsession with potato snacks.



China: Green Cucumber Flavor. The ones in the bag were better, but both actually tasted like cucumbers. Refreshing!


China_Dali_chicken kabobChina: Chicken kabob flavor. Tasted the same as Mexican Tomato Chicken flavor and Italian Meat Flavor, but I liked the thumbs up.

philipines_ube pillows

Philippines: Purple sweet potato… not potato potato, but worth a mention. Texture bore an uncanny resemblance to Captain Crunch breakfast cereal. I feel so much better nourished knowing it’s been enriched with Vitamin A (see top right corner of the bag).


philippines_onion and garlic

Philippines: Onion and garlic. Win win.

pc_american cheesy

Thailand: felt like a cheesy American for buying these American Cheesy Paprika chips.

pc_crab curry

Thailand: Crab Curry. Also available, Lobster Curry.

pc_aussie junk food

Aussie junk food. I sense a shift from a potato chip obsession to a crunchy junky food obsession. I swear I don’t eat this stuff every day.
chips_french cheese chips_pizza
These two were in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in a dusty desert convenience store. They looked like no one had touched them in years. I didn’t either.
  • http://www.facebook.com/hilary.grayver Hilary Bienstock Grayver

    Have you tried ketchup flavored potato chips (China)? I wonder why we don’t have them in the US!

    • ColleenGetsLost

      Hilary, I didn’t try them. They seemed too tame. Maybe I should have? I tried Italian meat flavor though, which was very tomato-y. I wonder why we don’t have better chip flavors in the US, too. We are so behind in that category :) Also in Oreo flavors.

  • http://www.readnowsleeplater.com/ Alethea Allarey

    I totally want those Ube pillows now. I wonder if the Pinoy store in Eagle Rock has them!

    • Colleen

      Have you tried comparing them to captain crunch? In other snack food news, I’m thrilled there is fried seaweed in Thailand.

    • ColleenGetsLost

      Have you tried Captain Crunch as an alternative? I think I will need to live at the Pinoy store when I get back. Good luck on your hunt. Keep me posted.

  • Amy

    Love this!!

  • http://twitter.com/piggybackrideAZ Backpack ME

    If you like spices, you have to try Lays Magic Masala in India! :)

    • ColleenGetsLost

      Any flavor with “Magic” in the title is a must-try! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Kerryn Rozenbergs

    No chippies since Melbs? What the??