New Zealand Road Trip: Where the heck is everyone?

So, we traveled just slightly off the beaten path the rest of the day.

Not a soul! Not a peep! Just us, the road, and all this gorgeousness.

blog_forest tangle

blog_forest mushies

blog_marokopa fallsMarakopa Falls.

Nope, no one here.

blog_glow worm threadsblog_shire landscape
blog_natural bridge

Mangapohue Natural Bridge.

No one here either. But doesn’t it look like Hobbits or Teletubbies could jumpt out of those hills at any moment?

blog_nz rainbow

And we actually chased a rainbow! And then drove through it!

Lesson? When road tripping in New Zealand, drive on the side roads and stop at the cool-sounding scenic stopping points on the road atlas. Yes, the road atlas, because I’m all kinds of old school when it comes to road trips.