For the Holidays: Wishing you Faith, and Leaps Thereof

All of us, every day, traveling or not, take leaps of faith.

Quiet, bold, uncharted leaps, worthy of celebration.

I look around at friends, family, neighbors, fellow people, and wonder how they all do it. Everyone holding their lives together, maintaining relationships, raising kids, struggling through daily stresses, illnesses, financial ups and downs.

You all seem remarkably brave.

When I loaded my worldly goods into my little Honda in Eugene, Oregon, July 1, 2012, it was one of many leaps of faith I’d be taking for the next year and a half.

Leap by leap I traversed the globe.

Into new countries, new languages, new sights.

Along with that came new friends, new adventures, new hands helping along the way. One little miracle led to another, then another, the world showing me I was on the right path.

Uncertainty was something I started to crave, not something I ran from.

Now, having returned, the leaps feel more difficult than they did in all those foreign countries.

Decisions carry more gravity. Happiness is more elusive than ever. Waiting is agonizing. Uncertainty is a barbed weight in my chest.

Last night, I held a lit candle at the Christmas Eve service at my parents’ church.

It was a sea of candles, a sea of faith, gentle golden flickers lighting up the darkness with hope.

And I thought, “Maybe what we need more of is faith.”

Faith in something, anything.

Faith in ourselves, faith in each other.

Faith that the future will be okay, faith that we are strong enough in our vulnerable earthly bodies to handle the challenges that come.

Faith: Confidence, conviction, optimism, hopefulness, hope.

Wishing you and yours Health, Happiness, and above all Faith in Abundance this holiday season.



Candles lit in Leshan, China.


  • Steph (@ 20 Years Hence)

    So beautiful, Colleen. A good reminder that in order to soar, we must first find the courage to leap and potentially fall. Hope your holidays have been wonderful and that 2014 surpasses 2013 in terms of the heights that you reach!

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