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  • ColleenGetsLost

    Thank you Teresa! I saw the photos… so jealous. Enjoy my mom’s company for me until I get back :)

  • Fran

    Hi Colleen. Left you off somewhere in Thailand and now you’re in Aussieland. Heading out on my own adventure July 4. Three weeks in Ecuador and then three more with my daughter in Brazil. Thinking about blogging. Yours is fun. Are you packing a laptop?? Must be. Any worries about theft so far?

    • ColleenGetsLost

      Happy and safe travels! Definitely have my laptop and so far haven’t been worried about theft, although I rarely take it out in public and have mostly stayed in private homes/rooms for months. I hide it or keep it locked up if I’m worried. I also use “backblaze,” a service that backs up your hard drive when you’re online so if it’s ever stolen they can send me my files on a thumb drive or dvd, and track down the computer next time it connects online. $5/month is worth it.

  • Franrose

    Saturday night alone . . . and lonely this time. Not the same without the dog (she passed in February.) Pouring over your blog. It’s good entertainment. Just a question: Have you been traveling with U.S. health insurance, or tossing that “plan” aside too. Just curious.

  • Colleen Brynn

    I nominated you for Capture the Colour! See my link here: Can’t wait to see your submission!

  • Emerson Wang

    Hey Colleen, you are still travelling! That’s just amazing! I met you when I was a sophomore in China and now I am in an MBA program in Chicago. “Colleen gets lost” is such a catchy name that I will never forget. Hope you find what you want. We should do another hot pot somewhere here. LOL. (It would be embarrassing if you don’t remember who I am, Ha!) Take care!

    • ColleenGetsLost

      Emerson!!! Of course I remember you. Thanks for finding me. I moved to New York City a year ago and have been living here ever since. Good luck in Chicago and if you find yourself in New York please let me know! We will definitely do hotpot. That was one of my favorite memories of China. And I still wear those pants you helped me buy!

    • ColleenGetsLost

      By the way, send me an email at collkhach@gmail so we have each other’s contact info.