About Me

I’m a culture shock junkie, homebody, character collector, and nomad. Somehow it all works out. I’m an Armenian-American, Angelino, and Oregonian. In my past life I taught school in inner city Los Angeles.

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One pack? No plan? 

I travel with a 38L carry-on and a shoulder bag big enough for a laptop and snacks.

There was a one-way ticket to Shanghai, and another from Hong Kong to Manila for Christmas. The rest I book as I go. Ask me about next month, week, year, day (!) and I draw a blank.

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Also, to many people’s horror, I don’t carry a guidebook. No Lonely Planet, no Rough Guide, no Frommers.

I’m not new to travel and people who’ve known me awhile weren’t surprised when I announced this trip. I’ve been using a passport since the age of 7 and am a hopeless flight addict. Before this jaunt I’d spent significant time in Canada and the Netherlands, lived in Scotland, camped through the Yucatan Peninsula, Belize, and Guatemala, visited Armenia several times, and traveled to Spain, France, England, both Irelands, Luxemburg, Belgium,Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and the Nogorno-Kharabagh region of Azerbaijan.

To see where I’ve been on this trip, click here.

I’m always pulled by curiosity, sometimes by a story, food, people, geography, or an offer of home. If you’re reading and would like to host me for awhile, drop me a line. I offer hours of witty banter and am a whiz in the kitchen.

This time around I’m traveling slower than ever. I’m a reluctant tourist and although I carry a backpack my time in hostels is few and far between. I like to stick around in a place for a few weeks, get into a routine, make friends.


Why a blog?

It’s not because I want to be a travel blogger or a photographer. I can’t tell you where to go or how to get there, although sometimes I pretend to. Most days I write fiction. I find fiction a whole lot more honest about life.

Blogging is a welcome diversion where I can play, track my journey, make friends, share thoughts, and keep the folks back home from worrying too much. If you stumbled on my site by accident and you’ve read this far down the drivel on the page, you’re very welcome to come along.




For instilling wanderlust at an early age, I blame thank my parents, who took me on my first road trip across an international border in-utero. Also, my 7th grade history teacher Jane, who showed us way too many slides from her travels and always encouraged me to keep writing.


  • Colleen Brynn

    I’m glad you have room for snacks.

    • ColleenGetsLost

      Snacks are the best part!